Travel cancellation insurances

There are many reasons why you might not be able to go on your well-deserved holiday: pregnancy, accidents, serious illnesses or the loss of a job. Our travel cancellation insurances cover the expensive costs of a cancellation for trips anywhere in the world. Simply take out travel insurance online. Do not miss out on our special products for the whole family!

Travel cancellation insurance and/or holiday guarantee (travel curtailment insurance)

For a single trip

With the travel cancellation insurance, you are covered for expensive cancellations before the start of the trip, if you must cancel your trip. The holiday guarantee continues your global cover during your holiday. It applies if you must curtail your trip. You can also take out separate travel cancellation insurance online. We offer special tariffs for the whole family. Find out about our services!

From 7 for trips costing up to € 100 per trip

Travel cancellation insurance and holiday guarantee (travel curtailment insurance)

For any number of trips

Perfect cover for one whole year. With the annual travel cancellation insurance, you are fully covered for cancellations before each trip for one year. With the annual holiday guarantee, you are also covered globally if you curtail your trip during any of your holidays during the year. The annual travel cancellation insurance can also be taken out separately. We offer special conditions for families with children.

From 55 for trips costing up to € 1.000 per trip (up to the 65th birthday).
Germany cover

Germany cover for foreign guests

For one single trip

The German protection package includes foreign health insurance for Germany and travel cancellation insurance plus holiday guarantee (travel curtailment insurance) as well as emergency insurance, luggage insurance and car travel breakdown and accident cover.

from 9 for trips costing up to 100 € / package