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  • Additional cover: Optionally with supplementary travel cover in a modular system
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Corporate Travel Insurances by HanseMerkur

Optimal coverage on business trips

In order to offer you and your employees the best possible coverage on business trips worldwide, HanseMerkur Reiseversicherung AG provides you with comprehensive insurance products in the area of business travel.

You can decide which coverage is the optimal solution for your employees and their dependents during a stay abroad. Select the appropriate coverage from our HanseGLOBAL and HanseCOMPACT travel health insurance rates. A modular system allows you to put together your own individual cover. Only what you and your employees need is covered.


  • We support you in fulfilling your duty of care: The statutory health insurance often only reimburses the costs that would also have been incurred in Germany. In some cases, the statutory health insurance does not cover any costs at all. Since employees abroad are considered private patients, they often incur considerable costs. In addition, the usually very high costs for return transport in the event of illness or even the repatriation of deceased persons are not covered by the statutory health insurance. Our corporate rates fill this gap, among other things.
  • Insurable persons: We define employees not only as salaried employees, but also as members of the management (board members or similar) as well as self-employed or freelance persons commissioned by you who are traveling on behalf of your company.
  • Individual requirements - individual solutions: Depending on the selected tariff, short-term as well as long-term trips can be covered. If you have a very high volume of short-term travel, you can use HanseCOMPACT to cover all your employees on business trips worldwide for up to 92 days on the basis of an annual flat-rate travel day booking. HanseGLOBAL is recommended for low travel volumes or long-term international assignments. Each individual trip is conveniently booked via an online tool.

Corporate Travel explained

Learn more about our tarifs for corporate customers in about 4 minutes. Watch our video about the highlights and what makes this insurance special.

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Digital brochure

In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, we are making the Corporate Travel brochure available to you as an ePaper with interactive elements. There you also have the option of downloading the brochure as a PDF.

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Working together

In Business Travel World, you as a company are our contractual partner and your employees are the insured persons. With both the HanseGLOBAL and the HanseCOMPACT we conclude a group insurance contract with you. The difference lies in the way the booking of your employees and the accounting works:

  • HanseGLOBAL: Once the contractual relationship has been established, you will receive from us your access data to our travel protection portal, an online tool for the independent booking of your employees. In many cases the booking is done by an employee from the human resources department. With HanseGLOBAL, the billing cycle can be monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Depending on the selected cycle, all the trips incurred and booked by you will be settled at that time. Payment can be made by SEPA direct debit mandate or by bank transfer.
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  • HanseCOMPACT: Unlike the HanseGLOBAL, the contractual relationship here is based on a group insurance contingent contract. Already during the contract initiation you decide how many travel days you want to provide and purchase for your employees within one year. During the insurance year, the trips taken are collected in a central overview. At the end of the year, a flat-rate settlement of travel days is made by comparing the booked travel days with the actual number of travel days incurred. You receive a refund or have to make an additional payment and can adjust the travel day booking for the following year based on the empirical values.
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The Business Travel World: Our insurance products

HanseGLOBAL: For stays of unlimited duration

Our HanseGLOBAL includes a high-performance travel health insurance and can be extended by additional coverage such as the luggage insurance or the daily sickness allowance insurance HanseCASH. The booking of your employees is done individually via our online tool.

HanseCOMPACT: For stays up to 92 days

Our HanseCOMPACT includes an travel health insurance designed for short-term business trips or secondments and can be extended by further additional coverage. It is booked on the basis of a flat-rate travel day settlement and thus adapts to your individual needs.

Questions and answers Corporate Travel

Is a distinction made between short-term and long-term travel?

Yes, depending on the tariff

Yes, HanseMerkur offers a tariff for trips up to 92 days (HanseCOMPACT) and one for longer-term trips (HanseGLOBAL). You can choose the appropriate tariff or combine both.

Can any of our employees be insured?

Yes, and others

Yes, plus self-employed persons and freelancers who travel on your behalf.

Are family members also insurable?

Yes, in the HanseGLOBAL

Yes, in our tariff for long-term travel (HanseGLOBAL) the accompanying partners and children are also insurable.

Are employees from branches or affiliated companies abroad also insurable?

Yes, if the parent company is German

Yes, affiliated companies and branches are automatically included in your contract, so their employees can be insured while traveling. However, it must be a German parent company.

Are the employees of our foreign locations also insurable locally?

Only where it is considered a foreign country for the insured person

In principle, insurance cover can only be provided for trips abroad, not for so-called "locals". Example: The Spanish employee of your Spanish subsidiary can be insured for his trip to Portugal, but not when staying in Spain.

How are employees registered for a trip?

Depending on the tariff selected, by flat-rate booking or an online tool

For short-term trips of up to 92 days (HanseCOMPACT), no registration is necessary, as all travelers are insured on a flat-rate basis. For long-term trips (HanseGLOBAL), registration takes place via a modern online tool.

What happens in case of illness or emergency?

Cost coverage in the hospital of your choice incl. emergency hotline

In case of illness or emergency, the insured person can visit any doctor or hospital of his/her choice. A free 24/7 emergency hotline is available for emergencies.

Does the insurer bill the hospital directly?

Yes, no advance payment necessary

Yes, costs can also be covered via the emergency hotline, so that the insured person does not have to pay in advance.

Is there an insurance card?

No, electronic insurance confirmation

An insurance card does not have a billing function abroad as it does in Germany, so instead of an insurance card there is an electronic insurance confirmation on which all the important data is listed.

We already have a contract with another insurance company, can this be taken over?

Yes, a takeover is possible

Yes, we can also take over an existing contract and the travelers insured under it. In this case, if necessary, it is possible to have the same coverage or to extend the previous insurance coverage.

We have special requirements, is it possible to change or extend the services offered?

Yes, on request

Yes, if your company has special requirements, it is possible to agree on an individual and exclusive special rate. You can make a request in this regard via our online form.

Service Center: We can help!

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