• Unlimited travel duration: for long-term business trips and assignments
  • Online tool: Optimal for companies with low travel volumes
  • Additional coverage: Optionally with supplementary travel insurances for individual protection
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Corporate insurance HanseGLOBAL

For long-term stays abroad

HanseMerkur offers a comprehensive benefits package for companies that want to insure their employees for business purposes during stays abroad as well as postings worldwide for a long period of time. HanseGLOBAL thus supports employers in Germany in fulfilling their statutory duty of care. Simple booking via an online tool.


  • Worldwide coverage of business trips for unlimited duration

  • Coverage for employees of foreign subsidiaries and branches also in Germany

  • Insurance can be taken out up to the 68th birthday (up to the 76th birthday on request)

  • Comprehensive travel health insurance with strong benefits

  • No deductible

  • Additional covers can be taken out: HanseCASH daily sickness allowance insurance, emergency insurance, travel liability insurance, travel accident insurance, luggage insurance

  • Daily insurance premiums

  • Expert support in case of crisis

  • 24-hour emergency service 365 days a year

Important notes

  • Insurance coverage is valid worldwide, but not in the home country of the traveler

  • Regular company settlements monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually

  • Minimum premium: EUR 500

  • Independent booking of employees via practical online tool, our travel protection portal

The essential at a glance



The HanseGLOBAL includes a powerful international health insurance, which covers the costs in case of illness and includes many other benefits.

The benefit description to print or save as PDF shows the service contents in detail:

Overview of benefits HanseGLOBAL



The HanseGLOBAL is billed on a daily basis. The amount of the premium depends on the age of the person to be insured, i.e. your employee.

In the price overview to print or save as PDF you will find the premiums listed transparently:

Overview of prices HanseGLOBAL

Travel protection portal

Travel protection portal

If you conclude the HanseGLOBAL with us, we offer you the possibility to book your employees via our own online tool. The travel protection portal is a booking tool customized to our contractual partners, which can be used independently by you. This flexible and practicable way is especially suitable for companies with a high volume of travel days.

Of course, we will provide you with the relevant information material and are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Questions about the travel protection portal or other topics? Please contact us.

Additional cover

Additional cover

The HanseGLOBAL travel health insurance can be supplemented by various additional modules. In this way, you can further supplement exactly those risks that you foresee for your employees on business trips or secondments.

You will find more information on the possible additional coverages in the HanseGLOBAL further down.

Travel liability insurance

Travel liability insurance protects against high costs that may arise in the event of liability risks in everyday life or due to damage to rented property. Also in Germany it is advised to have a liability insurance. Since especially abroad the incurred costs for liability damages can be incalculable, this additional coverage is a popular supplement.

Emergency insurance

Emergency insurance is the powerful companion for peace of mind should an emergency situation arise while traveling. The travel health insurance is supplemented by information services or cost coverage declarations towards hospitals and loans are provided for, among other things, the loss of travel funds or criminal prosecution - We are there when it matters.

Travel lugage insurance

Finally at your destination, and then: suitcase, equipment or laptop are damaged or even lost. With a luggage insurance we compensate the damage financially. Regardless of whether the equipment was transported or checked in. Should the luggage arrive late, replacement clothing or hygiene articles can be purchased for up to EUR 500. With individual sums insured.

Travel accident insurance

In order not to be left with high costs in case of unexpected health damage due to an accident, our travel accident insurance offers comprehensive insurance sums. In case of disability up to EUR 100,000 with a possible progression of 350% or up to EUR 5,000 for rescue costs as well as cosmetic operations. In case of death we leave surviving dependants up to EUR 50,000.


If your employees are unable to work while abroad and this leads to a loss of earnings, our HanseCASH ensures that a daily sickness benefit of EUR 200 per day is paid out for the period of the loss of earnings. The amount of the premium depends on the waiting period, i.e. the benefit-free days from the beginning of the inability to work. The maximum period of payment is 2 years.

Detailed product information can be found in the following product documents for printing or saving as PDF:

Overview of benefits additional cover

Overview of prices additional cover

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Digital brochure

In keeping with our commitment to sustainability, we are making the Corporate Travel brochure available to you as an ePaper with interactive elements. There you also have the option of downloading the brochure as a PDF.

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